A routine inspection of an automotive product will assure your company of the quality which is expected from your product. Our staff is experienced in inspecting attribute and variable defects which occur on virtually every part on an automobile or truck:

    • - Defined and established processes
    • - According customer requirements
    • - Visual inspection and sorting
    • - Fine visual control of small details
    • - Control of parts with measurement equipment
      • * Using: Vernier calipers, digital verniers, digital micrometers, dial test indicators, height gauges hole diameters.
      • * Special measurement systems provided by customer or supplier
    • - Control of the function of the part or presence of all components within an assembly
    • - Downtime elimination due to defective raw material
    • - Daily report


      In many instances, your company may request that a quality part defect be reworked to the acceptable standard. This service reduces waste from scrap or eliminates freight charges from returning the non-conforming parts to your facility for rework. Rework may be possible for certain defects during a normal inspection. At times rework may be necessary on 100 percent of your product. With the authorization of your company, we will rework the non-conforming attribute to the specifications desired.

      Whether it is a simple part modification, complex alteration or simple part repair, Focus Quality has the resources and expertise to quickly and efficiently bring your parts into conformity and back to the assembly process.

      • - Visual inspections
      • - Cables, harnesses, cardboard, fixtures and gages rework (among others)
      • - Electrical y electronic, plastic, metal components sorting
      • - Assembly and sub - assembly
      • - Paint process (rework and retouch)

      1. Technical Assistance:

        • - Immediate response to the corrective actions
        • - Flexible working Shifts
        • - Available 24 / 7